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Ecstasy a.k.a. MDMA or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is a type of psychoactive drug that makes people feels more awake and alert.  It also changes the perception of reality of a person.  Many side effects of ecstasy have been reported, such as insomnia, kidney failure, dehydration, paranoid, hallucinations, etc.  However there are still a lot of people curious of the ecstasy effect.

Professor Keith Laws and Professor Fabrizio Schifano from University of Hertfordshire will be giving a talk titled “Can taking ecstasy once damage your memory?”  The talk will be given on October 21 at the university’s Health and Human Sciences Research Institute Showcase.  They will talk about how consumption of ecstasy will affect short- and long-term memory loss, even if it is just once.

Perhaps people who don’t remember things are happier.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Umm… This article is not only ignorant but misleading. Taking ex damages the brain? The writer of this article is the one with brain damage. But i guess we can all tell that with one glance of the title “Taking Ecstasy Once DAMAGE Your Memory”. Is this a complete sentence? Is this English?

  2. steve says:

    I don’t know if this is true. I have done extasy once and to be honest i felt
    more aware o things around me and fully awake.
    The next day…. gone away. Since then i didn’t take any and my memory is the same
    as it was, perhaps in the future i will turn into an old guy that forget things?
    hey old peoples they all loose their memory so what the big deal????

  3. Cheekz says:

    This is not true unless you take it alot. You don’t loose memory from taking it once.

  4. chelsea says:


  5. angie says:

    well anyone who thinks that x is ok has a messed up head already- to you who said it makes you more alert- do it everyday and in 5 yrs tell me theres no side effects- if you live that long- kids now days try anything and can get ahold of any drug- so parents be aware-

  6. Chris says:

    I took ecstacy for a number of years. And to be fair, it has affected my memory, primarily my short term memory; although my long term was also temporarily damaged.
    Midterm memory – practically gone!

    I only take it once a year at the end of summer. It takes about a month for long term memory function to return, about 2-3 months for short term to return completely to normal. Everything in between gets lost!

    I have to think for a living, so I do notice this effect.

    No brainer job – of course you aren’t going to notice anything with your memory – although that does not count for all.

    My brain takes a good 4-5 months for total recovery. I suffer from anxiety naturally (with or without E – and that in itself affects my cognitive functioning) all things considered, everyone reacts differently. I know a good paralegal secretary and a paramedic who do not suffer from a lack of cognitive function after E, just a “little” hung over, and no worse than alcohol.

    Whenever this kind of research is done, it rarely can or does take into account the natural biological functioning of their subjects before use or long after abstinence.

    A lot of peoples natural state varies greatly.

    A good supportive social network with others I have found significantly improves my own state of mind whether it is suffering a cognitive or depressive disorder – that is the way it is naturally designed, we are social animals. Chemical synthesis of these natural processes whether legal or not, they never quite work the same, and usually mess up the brain.

  7. Liz says:

    Well, I’m pretty that taking it once won’t cause any major brain damage.
    People will say this so that people will be encouraged not to try it even once, because it can become a problem if taken to much- like anything else.
    But to Angie, uhmm.. I’m pretty sure if you did E every day for 5 years you would either be dead or pretty fucked up, and I’m pretty sure that people who roll DON’T do it everyday.
    Hahaha good job.

    PS. I definitely suggest E to anyone!
    While I was on it, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that good in my life.
    It was great.

  8. tek says:

    Chris are you sure you’re not working for this web page, because to me. You sound like you do.

    If you only take it once a year and only at the end of every summer? You should not feel any “side-effected”.

    In my opinion. I don’t even think there is any “side-effected” toward your memory. Unless you’re an idiot who like to pop about 7 or 8 E a night and YES. There are people that are THAT stupid.

    No memory lost coming from the people I know that does it a regular week.

    America are so fed with so much BS that no one wants to do anything anymore. Think about what the media put on the news and then look at the outcome. Everyone so…. STIFF..!

  9. kool kid says:

    i think everyone should fuck on E its great

  10. izzy says:

    take XTC all the cool kids r doing it.

  11. jess says:

    to izzy wtf? ahha all the kool kids so wahh ur a follwer?
    D: how lame.

  12. Kyo says:

    Doodes.. XTC? effecting ur brain? com’on
    doing it once doesn’t effect ur brain.. only MAYBE wen ur doing it.. but nauhh..

    my friend is a very smart kid in school. He has all good grades and is top 20 in the school. But the thing is.. he takes X.. so why isn’t he stupid?

    X is the shit.. don’t do it? start..
    doing it?.. share lol

  13. ashley says:

    iam gonna do it tonight for the first time.and ill let u no whaT I THINK ABOUT THAT.

  14. have sex with me says:



  15. Casey says:

    Ecstasy is an amazing drug. However, those who ignore the studies will end up with long term damage. Having studied it personally, taken it, partied with it, I can validate that your mind will become damaged.

    Am I saying never try it. No. That school of thought is old fashioned and terrible. If you do try it though you should be aware of what can happen.

    Those of you who are ‘raving’ about it and say it won’t do harm; be educated, not opinionated.

  16. dominique says:

    2 jess…..this page is about commentz on ecstasy..not putting people down and talking shit..u must be a whitegirl…cause u certainly act like one….u dummy….now post a comment

  17. maria dawg says:

    all ya’ll ppl that dont wanna try it is wack.
    Is you retarded homeboy or what cuz Ex is the shitt fo’sho 😉

  18. BOOBOO Kitty says:

    Alright, First off I dont see what the big Damn Deal is. I mean I have takin it ALOT, I mean ALOT of times, and yea There are some Dumn asses that can go over bourd with it and yea it can fuck you up if your not carefull. Although, Fuck what every body eles tells you if you want to try it Go for it. Just drink alot of water cause you are going to need to drink. Other wise it will make you sick. So yea everybody should try it atleast once befor they can say its good or bad for you, Cause you might just like it.

  19. LOVE says:

    I like how all of the anti-X websites never use the word “euphoria,” but that anyone who has rolled would use the word in a heartbeat. Ecstasy wouldn’t be popular if it only made you feel “awake and alert.” I do notice a ton of side effects though – none of which I have experienced while on it. Oh well, just remember to do your own research before believing the BS the government is shoving down our throats.

  20. Stephen says:

    Different studies will tell you different things about MDMA, and the results vary greatly. Ecstasy pills are notorious for containing impurities, and you almost never really know what’s in what you’re taking. Are you going to die from taking it? The odds are on your side. Is it possible and probable that your brain function will be affected? Yes, if even a little. There are cheap vitamins you can legally buy (most of which are very common and good for you anyway) that will drastically reduce long-term, negative effects. Do some reading, and try to understand what you’re putting in your body. If you choose to take it, that’s your decision, but please read/understand what you’re doing first. Take care!

  21. Stephen says:

    I would also like to add that this article is VERY poorly written. Aside from the fact that there are many typos and spelling errors, the melodramatic statement at the end of the article is very unprofessional. When posting a “scientific” article, you should keep your opinions to yourself, and stick with the facts.

  22. justine says:

    XTC is freakin only bad for you if you take it too many times within the same month…
    and like i dunno ive done it a few times and a forget things but that probably cause i smoke too much weed and im a dumbass some times but im also always forgettin shit so yea… as long as it doesnt hurt you why should you care?
    maybe you should try it sometime?you’d like it too

  23. cole incarnato says:

    idk if it will damage it the first time but ive been useing x on and off for about 5 years and nvr had any problems untill this last month. I used it allmost every day for two weeks and see a huge differance in my memory. I cant even remember what i had to eat when i got up this morning. Although my friend has been using it every day for about 5 months and sees no differance so i think its the person.

  24. jake says:

    I absolutely love the4 shit out of some mdma. heroine base or h-bombs suck, speed and acid base are amazing. the sense of euphoria they give me is AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!don’t even mention the sex=)

  25. jake says:

    heroine base or h-bombs….GAY. speed and acid base is amazing. it makes it feel like i am on coc for ten hours lol aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh the euphoria is amazing…..GO XTC.

  26. bobby says:

    i think extact is a dangerous drug!!! you can die from extacy….my best friend died from extacy becaues she left her grink at a bar and somebody slipped extasy powder into her drink and she didnt kniow it. Who ever takes extacy are all assholes.

  27. half pill poppin weed smokin sex freak alcoholic beech! says:

    ecstacy = satisfaction =) <333333
    it feels bomb as fuck. just be carefull with it. cuz it can fuck you bad. take with someone you trust. pill popping feins= ecstasy lovers

  28. Jessicaa says:

    Weennuukk E only fckks with yuu if yuu take alot.. E makes yuu more alert and wakes yuu up. there are three stages to it. && the only way its going to mess with yuur brain is if yuu go crazy pop alot, and get addicted. i have alot of friends that have done it and i have done it. its nothing bad. its just a drug that fills yuu with energy its not like its going to paralyze yuu for the rest of yuur live. and yeah the person that wrote this article is the one with Brain Damage maybe yuu have taken to many pills man. but honestly this not the worst drug out there. id rather fo e then coke or meth or something more stupid. its not like the worlds going to end if yuu try E. So chill out people. its not going to kill yuu and some people writing on here either experienced it or whatever. but its not a bad thing to experience things yuu only live once. so enjoy life.. && i may be young and yuu may think i dont know what im talking about but whatever. this is all i have to say

  29. Jessicaa says:

    to Bobby.

    E kills yuu if its not amune to your system. and why leave a drink at the bar. relle come on. && sorry about yuur friend.
    && people that do pop e into yuur drinks thats really low tho.. and i understand where yuur coming from but just because that has happened dosent mean everyone else is going to pass away from doing it.

    i send my love out to yuu and yuur friend.. <3
    &nd Hearts!

  30. i love drugs says:

    I have taken XTC twice now and i have had no side effects from it. Whilst i was on it i was in the best mood of my life and would not leave the dance floor all night. I just think people should not do it every single time they go out. Probly once every month or something is a good number to take. PARTY ON MY DRUG LOVING FRIENDS!!

  31. ray cruz says:

    man who ever hasnt tried an xo is a fukkin pussy ass bitch……iv taken these my whole life n there aint shit wrong wit me…… man i passed all my taks test…. n 2 b honest i think ecstacy made me smarter……ecstacy is BETTER than SEX if u dnt thnk so then ur a queer that needs 2 stop jacjing off n get a high off life wit ECSTACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. jason says:

    I like rolls just as much as anybody else who’s ever tryed em…doesn’t make it good…I haven’t gone crazy with the shit, but I’ve eaten my fair share. they do cause damage though…you’ll tracers for the rest of your life…not to the point that it effects your every day life, but it still kinda gets me every now and then…also; a lot of people have suicidal thoughts the day after they roll, because all the chemical’s in your brain that make you happy are gone for that moment.

  33. Mmmtmmmt says:

    Pills are the least of your worries, i do them most days, and out of everything pills has little if any sieed effect whatspever you have them, you have a good night, you go to sleep the next morning wake up fine, mite take a couple nites if theya re good, i would be mroe focussed on heroin freaks and people whoa re actually doing any sort of damage to themselves@

  34. Mmmtmmmt says:

    ps e is fuckin awsumm!! Ping on brothers!

  35. wow says:

    every single person that has left a comment saying they do E all the time..spells every other word they write wrong..and some of their sentences dont even make any sense. whatever try it once..do what you do. but the people who take it all the time turn out to be fuckin retards. its sad

  36. Bob says:

    It may be true for some people but it differs from person to person ive been taking it since i was 13 years old i am 17 almost 18 i feel no immediate side effects that i can tell but i have seen people take 2 and fall over and have to go to the hospital and i know people that take 12 at a time it really differs from person to person how it effects you from your diet of the day your overall weight and your attitude about it and your drug experience and how you know how to handle it since each pill is deffers you never really know what your getting but they do make tester kits so you can at least tell what is or is not in the pills some people may die from one pill some may roll balls from 10 again it differs from person to person if you want to take that risk ive seen many people roll for their first time ive been to raves its all how you handle it and your knowledge of the drug i havent found much helpful info on the internet for the past 3 years because everyone seems to say something different i recently looked up how drinking alcohol effects you when your rolling and is it safe i found that if you do one shot of alcohol you could drop dead they tell you the absolute worse thing that could happen my friend who has also been rolling for more than 3 years and i rolled with him about 5 months ago and he brought a handle and did shot after shot after shot i had one and it increased and i was good but my friend kept going and going and going and almost finished a whole handle by himself with the exception probably 7 to 8 shots left and he was rolling balls my friend is about five ten to five eleven weighs about 200 pounds he was fine another friend of mine who is six one to six two used to drink whole bottles by himself but i on the other hand threw up that night my other friend that night who weighs 120 five seven did not throw up after 3 shots i had one so after all the years and experience ive gone through all ive comprised from my research on the internet and all that ive seen and gone through it all is different for every single person in how it may effect your health and your psychological well being so if you are going to try it be safe do it safe if you have any questions on how to do it safe dont be afraid to ask someone so

  37. Bob says:

    My friends were all fine i dont know anyone who has past away directly from taking it

  38. wwendy says:

    Wooooooooooooo! I luv takeN X wen I party. . .N let’s not even talk about da bedroom! My sex b doin sum crazy shit our sex wit X is like no other!

    4 ppl dat haven’t tried it. . . UR MISSING OUT!!! U just gotta knw da right person to get cuz ppl can fck u over wit sum B.S

  39. wwendy says:

    Damn da mgs on top dnt make sence I’M HIGH AS FCK. . . Dis shit is sooooooo bomb. . .

  40. brenda says:

    Nothing would ever top e.I feel like I’m in a nother galaxy lookin down at da world.x is da shit you feel like you got power.

  41. vg says:

    tacha tacha wut wut !!! haha exo’z r the shit i love rollin balls wit my glowsticks some vicks nd water it dont fuk up ur shit if u play it smart

  42. Mimi says:

    I’ with wow on this. Everyone who has mentioned consuming and/or enjoying x on these comments has a hard time with grammar and spelling. You may thing it is fine, but really, this is a science blog and many of the people who post here at least have some semblance of wits about them. And to Stephen who commented on lack of science in the article: yes, there are spelling errors on this site occasionally, but that is to be expected since the primary author on this site is not of English speaking origins. Also, it is not meant to be an article giving more than information about a talk being given.

  43. Tiffany says:

    I love e… I love the blue stars! I’ve never felt so happy or alive in my entire life when I’m on it! Definitly do it with someone you love, it makes it all the more wonderful!

  44. John says:

    I normally smoke weed but i tried x for the second time three days ago and i ended up being the highlight of the party….danced with every single chick, old, young and even the ones that did not wanted to..Somehow I convinced them to be down, Got the number of whom i thought was the most beautiful in the paty which was a blondie and im not really the type of person to do that. So i will reconmend trying it once only if ure down, its the one of the best feeling i ever got…..deffinetly gonna try it for the next party or club i gooo…

  45. chris says:

    whats up with the monkeys.they have all different colors,but my favorite are the red ones.3 of them and your straight.

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