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As explained in wikipedia, cachexia is “loss of weight, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness and significant loss of appetite in someone who is not actively trying to lose weight.”  This condition accompanies with severe diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and autoimmune disorders.  A group of physicians and scientists had recently published cachexia definition in December issue of the Clinical Nutrition.  This can be an important guideline to diagnose the cachexia in patients.  John Morley, an endocrinologist at Saint Louis University School of Medicine said that weight loss is an important indicator of diseases and cachexia is a very serious problem which many physicians ignore.

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  1. I don’t usually post to someone’s blog however I am interested in your post so I felt forced to do so. Veering off the topic somewhat, what are your thoughts concerning walking? Which is these days being put forward as the best exercise to burn fat.

  2. Yagnaroopaya Upendraya says:

    I wouldn’t as a rule post to a blog however I liked this post therefore I was stimulated to do so. Straying away from the subject a bit, what is your opinion about walking? Which is these days being put forward as the best exercise to burn fat.

  3. Yagnaroopaya Upendraya says:

    I don’t usually comment to a blog but I liked your post therefore I felt forced to do so. Straying away from the subject slightly, what do you think concerning walking? It is generally being put forward as the best exercise to burn fat.

  4. WTJ says:

    I think walking is great as long as the air is fresh. It is always good to try to walk as much as possible, like you can walk the stairs and not using the elevator. You can just walk anytime you want. You also get to see many things which you usuall ignored if you’re in the car or whatever (perhaps you fly).

    However personally I prefer swimming.

  5. Acai alive berry says:

    It is very clearly stated by some genious in the world that excess of everything is bad..and the same goes with weight..if you will opt to loose weight then i think you will also become the Apple company owner Steve Jobs…he has actually a problem of hormones and that is why he is gradually loosing weight ..

  6. Vasopro says:

    Wow never heard of cachexia before (although I did know of ill patients who end up losing weight).

    What is there to combat this? I’m thinking EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) to keep the muscles from atrophying. Not sure how effective or practical this would be though.

  7. Weight Loss can be achieved easily through exercise. You should also consider a healthy and balance diet that is free from saturated fat. Avoid sugary foods too.

  8. The most effective way for Losing Weight is exercise. You just do some cardio workout everyday like jogging and running for miles. That would effectively burn the fats in your body.

  9. The key to healthy weight loss is the right diet matched to you, a moderate amount of exercise, and maybe even a diet supplement to help move things along

  10. George Maris says:

    Aviod foods high in sugar, always read the labels on the packageing. Stay away from empty calories, like junk food, self control and exercise.

  11. George Maris says:

    Avoid foods high in sugar, always read the labels on the packaging. Stay away from empty calories, like junk food, self control and exercise.

  12. Exercise and strict dieting can do magic if you are trying to lose weight. I did a lot of cardio just to lose weight.`”,

  13. Balance diet is so important if you want a healthy lifestyle and a longer life.,~;

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