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It seems like an odd fascination to have, a love for the undead. Zombies are this year’s vampire, and for good reason. People love zombies. It’s an inexplicable attraction that draws you in like a rubbernecker on the freeway. Most people don’t know why they love to read about zombies, they just know that they do. Well, here are five possible reasons behind your necrophilia.

  1. Violence – We all have the impulse. It might be directed through road rage or sports competition, but everyone has felt the need to lash out. Zombies give us a way to tear apart our enemies, limb by limb. Eating their brain, figuratively taking their intelligence, or tearing off their arms, taking their strength. Either way, we get the revenge we seek, releasing the anger without having to feel the effects.
  2. Freedom – Speaking of not feeling the effects; zombies give us a sense of freedom. They have no moral compass, no right or wrong. They are utterly and completely free. They can do as they please without regard to the law or any form of punishment. They can act on their instincts without logic or reasoning getting in their way. They are the epitome of freedom.
  3. Unreasonable/instinctive – You can’t reason with a zombie. There’s no talking sense into them or confusing them. They are like animals, free from any fear or pain. They go by instinct. There is no pesky superego telling them they need to stop. We love that single-minded pursuit of a goal. No wavering, no waiting, just instant gratification.
  4. Invulnerable/inexhaustible – This, too, is a kind of freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from pain and exhaustion. We would all like to be free from pain. Without the fear of getting hurt, what would stop us? Without tiredness, what would slow us down? In that sense, zombies are the ultimate goal of humanity. To be free from anything that hinders.
  5. Hungry – We are all hungry for something. It may be love, it may be attention, it may be money. Whatever it is you desire, zombies provide a way to express. Their untiring pursuit of brains mirrors our inner struggles for satisfaction. If only we could find/buy/create one more thing, that would make us happy. But, like the zombies, no matter how much you consume there is still a lingering hunger.

There you have it; five reasons to love zombies. They offer us a glimpse into the basics of humanity. Our darkest desires. The desire to possess, to consume, without fear or censure. The hunger for fulfillment, the drive towards a life without pain. All these things make up what it means to be a zombie, and they are all things we, ourselves, crave.


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Kate Croston is a freelance writer, holds a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She writes guest posts for different sites and loves contributing home internet service related topics. Questions or comments can be sent to:  katecroston.croston09 @ gmail.com.

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