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Social media is a way of social interaction between people, organizations and communities. It mediates human relation with different organizations and brings people together for dialogue. Social media has a significant role in society and today it has the power to influence thoughts of people and students are definitely no exception. In today’s scenario, the question “Are the students addicted to social media?” has a certain answer and that answer is yes. According to experts from SolidEssay.com, students feel connected to social media in any way and somehow they are addicted to it now. It is hard for them to spend even a single day without using any media like mobile phones, TV, Internet, etc. If they are believed to live without these things, they will definitely get frustrated. A recent study was conducted to check whether the students are addicted to social media or not. Graduating students were asked to stay away from any type of social media for 24 hours. And this study revealed that it was hard for students to spend even a single day without social media. They felt frustrated and panic as they are used to sending hundreds of messages through mobiles or through social sites.

Some students are so involved with social media that they would like to share each and every thing on social sites. When they get up in the morning, they put the status first. They love to send texts to the people. But this social media puts very adverse effects on the health of the students too. These health issues or problems are as follows:

Stress level increases

Using Facebook and Twitter all the time and the tension to change and upload a new status every day puts a stress level on students and they are not able to pay attention to other things.

Sleeping pattern disturbs

The main adverse effect of social media is that it has changed sleeping patterns of students. Now they prefer to use media equipment lately and their sleeping timings get disturbed. So, ultimately, health gets affected.

Eyesight gets affected

The addiction of social media puts a great strain on the eyesight of students and consequently it gets weak.

These are the basic or key health related issues that occur due to the excessive use of social media. It is a common maxim that excess of everything is dreadful and it is true. Now we look at the reasons of getting addicted to social media. These reasons are as follows;

Feeling lonely

Students who have no friends in real world or who have been left alone, get addicted to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can share whatever they want and can make friends.

They are ignored

College or high school students, whose parents do not care about them, find the necessary love and care on social media sites.

Best way of advertisement

Social media is no doubt a great way of advertisement and business students like to advertise different things through these sites.

So, these are just a few reasons and there are many more. But it is clear from this whole discussion that our students are addicted to social media in any form and the excessive use of it is causing problems for them. A study revealed that the addiction of social media is more penetrating than the addiction of cigarettes and drugs and it is quite harmful, in fact, becoming an alarming situation for students.

Author Bio: Trisha B. contributes to a number of tech and education related websites, including SolidEssay.com, which provides reliable information about essay writing service reviews.

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