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The transfer of a working kidney from a donor to someone, whose kidneys aren’t functioning properly, is known as a kidney transplant. This procedure is done to treat a kidney that has malfunctioned, and is replaced with a fully functional one.

Kidney failure is majorly caused by diabetes, high blood pressure and Chronic glomerulonephritis, which is the scarring of the small filters in your kidney.

Kidney failure can usually be treated with a strict diet, treatment and medicines for the base cause. If all these fail then the only option is to go for a kidney transplant.

A kidney transplant is an expensive procedure, so if you are looking to have one make sure you have a good medical insurance. In the duration of the transplant operation, you will not be able to work for a while so have good payment protection insurance so that with missold ppi ensures to cover your loan payments.

People usually confuse between having a dialysis treatment or having a kidney transplant. Here are a couple of reasons, why a kidney transplant is good for you and why it is better than dialysis:

1. Living Quality:

Your quality of life improves considerably after the transplant procedure. Many people who have had the transplant can testify that the procedure has had a very good impact on their way of life.

2. Reduces your chances of dying:

With a kidney transplant, the chances of you dying of a kidney disease disappear.

3. Closest to Having New Kidneys:

Having a kidney transplant is the nearest solution to having brand new kidneys. You will never have any problems related to your kidneys ever again. It’s like having a new kidney that functions at a 100% once the transplant is completed.

4. No Dialysis After they the transplanted Kidneys are Working:

Initially you may have to use the dialysis treatment once you have undergone the transplant procedure. But, once they are fully functional, you don’t need to go through the procedure again.

5. Healthier and Improved Strength:

Before the transplant, the faulty kidneys deplete you from strength and make you fragile. Once the transplant is done, your strength slowly returns and you become a healthy human being once again. You can start doing your daily activities once again without many restrictions.

6. Diet Restrictions are Reduced:

Your restrictions when it comes to food and drinks, reduces significantly after the procedure.

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